1. How long will it take to received my order? 
Generally, it can take 12-15 business days for standard shipping and 6-10 business days for Express depending on the destination in which you live business days to receive your order. This does not include processing times. Please see our "Shipping Policies"  and for further information. This timeframe maybe effect due to COVID-19 and during peak seasons.

2. What is Your Shipping Delivery Process Like?
We value every customer and treat every shipment with care.  Each order reviewed by quality control.  Please see our ordering process below.

  • ORDER IS PLACED via LandonGirl.com or any of our sales channels.
  • CONFIRAMTION - A confirmation email will be sent.
  • PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION AND REVIEWThis process can take up to 4-7 full business days (not including holidays or weekends). If for any reasons your merchant does not approve your transaction, you will be notified via email to reprocess your payment.  Please make sure you are entering correct information pertaining to your order, billing, shipping and any payment details to avoid delays. 
  • PAYMENT HAS BEEN APPROVED - 4-7 business days has passed and your payment has been approved.  We will immediately begin processing your order in the order it has been received in. You will be sent an email to notify you of the next steps.
  • "LOADING" we will begin loading all orders to be dispatched to their new homes. If your item becomes unavailable due to payment not being approved by your merchant or any unforeseen reason, upon approval, we will pull stock from one of our hub facilities locally or international, if available, to ensure you still receive your items.  An email will be sent out and you will be notified that within 3 business days, you will receive a tracking number. If you do not receive an email, please do not worry, this means your item has not been dispatched and no tracking has become available from our manufacturer. You are still in the "loading phase". As soon as your tracking becomes available, you will be notified.
  • CUSTOMS/ CARRIER - ALL items undergo a thorough inspection. Due to COVID- 19 at this time, proper sanitations need to be implemented to ensure the safety, care, and the proper procedures are being followed.  Tracking information will be released once items have cleared customs.
  • TRACKING INFORMATION - Tracking number has been released via our manufacturers. In some cases, your local post office/mailing center will be awaiting this information. This information will should be released within 48-72 business hours. Please keep your tracking information sent via email to remain updated. Your items have been dispatched and no longer are in our possession. We work closely with carriers such as (USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc.)  Your order will be received, sorted and released by the carrier in the order received. Please contact the carrier directly with any questions.  
  • DELIVERED - Some items will required a signature upon delivery, so please make sure you are available to retrieve your package. In the event, your order is marked undeliverable via our carrier, they "may" bring your item back to your local post office/mail facility and will notify you.  It is also possible, undeliverable items will be returned to sender, company, Landon Girl LLC.  You will be notified your items have been delivered to you via email.
  • SURVEY - You will receive a survey regarding our service. We aim for 5 stars!


3. Do you ship internationally? 
No at this time. We ship only in the USA.

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